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Have you noticed any ill effects from using your cellular phone?
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Microshield - Specification Microshield - Specification

How does the Microshield work?

The Microshield radiation protection case was designed over 5 years ago by inventor Les Wilson, after he started to experience violent headaches and stress symptoms from using his analogue mobile phone. The patent was registered back in 1993 and in April '96, several prototypes on from the original, today's current model was launched.

The Microshield is a high quality leather radiation protection carrying case no more different in design or size than an ordinary leather case available through high street mobile dealers.

The major difference is that whilst conventional leather cases offer no protection, the Microshield significantly reduces absorption into the user's head of the radiation emissions given off by cellular phones.

There are three known ways in which to shield against electromagnetic radiation, whatever part of the spectrum it is operating in.

Distance - This is problematical with a mobile, as usage determines that you have to be close to the device. The myth that hands free kits would help achieve this has now been dispelled with tests showing that they are is merely redirecting the radiation to other parts of the body e.g. organs around the waist area which are not as able to defend themselves as well as the brain, which is of course given some protection by the skull. Absorption levels into the body have been shown to be dramatically higher than those in the head.
Reflection - Shielding by reflection alone can be hazardous as there is no way of controlling what happens to the radiation after it has been reflected. Some observers are concerned that people situated next to a mobile user could be passively exposed, whilst handset manufacturers say that the phones components could be affected. This latter point does of course beg the question that if a mobile's relatively robust internal components could be damaged, then what is the radiation doing to delicate human biological tissue?
Absorption - Controlled absorption is the third and most suitable form of shielding for a mobile, as unlike the two other methods, it effectively eliminates the radiation. It doesn't have the drawbacks of reflection and the handset can still be used normally by the user, without the high radiation exposure conditions normally associated with close proximity.

The mobile's highest source of radiation is from its antenna, although there are emissions also given off by the screen, keypad and the main body of the handset (including the battery). In normal use the head absorbs up to 80% of the total radiation given off by the mobile. The Microshield case works by inductive coupling and preferentially absorbs the radiation normally absorbed by the head creating eddy currents. The energy absorbed is dissipated in the form of a mild heat transference down the length of the antenna guard, creating a temperature rise imperceptible to the human touch.

The Microshield's shielding technology is comprised of:

1: Specialised material contained within the leather layers of the case, which is used in the radiation shielding industry. Made from woven polyester and nickel, it protects against radiation emissions from the main body of the handset and battery pack.

2: A special PVC screen at the front of the case which was developed exclusively by MSI. It is constructed of 2 layers of clear polished supple PVC laminated around an ultra fine metal wire mesh, which has been blackened to enhance its optical qualities and is almost invisible to the naked eye. This protects the user against emissions from the keypad and also the phone's screen.

3: An adjustable polyester coated metal antenna guard is located in the side or back of the case which physically touches the antenna and preferentially absorbs (by induction) the radiation given off by the antenna normally absorbed by the user. The further up the side of the antenna the guard is moved, the greater the level of shielding which is provided and vice versa.

Have you noticed any ill effects from using your cellular phone?
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