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Have you noticed any ill effects from using your cellular phone?
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Please Answer The Following Questions
 Question 1

1: The UK Government's Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones recently recommended users to?
  Please Select One Answer Only
Use their mobile as much as they like
Exercise the precautionary principle
      i.e. reduce radiation exposures
Make as many calls as they like, provided they hold the handset
      away from the head
 Question 2

2: Recent independent Australian tests on hands free earpieces showed they?
  Please Select One Answer Only
Reduce radiation exposure to both head and body
Improve reception whilst reducing exposure to the head
Increase radiation absorption in the user's body to twice the current
      safety guidelines
 Question 3

3: Dr George Carlo the scientist in charge of the six-year US cellular industry sponsored research program concluded of the findings?
  Please Select One Answer Only
There is no evidence suggesting mobile usage was unsafe
It was no longer appropriate for the industry to continue saying that
      mobiles were safe
There was proof that mobile usage had beneficial health effects
 Question 4

4: The BMA (British Medical Association) in their submission of evidence to the 1999 UK House of Commons Science and Technology Committee report, said that?
  Please Select One Answer Only
Consumers purchasing mobiles should be provided with
      information on radiation shields
Consumers need not worry about avoiding radiation exposure
Consumers should be aware some mobile models gave off
      significantly more radiation than others
 Question 5

5: According to independent tests conducted by the National Physical Laboratory for the UK Trading Standards Authority using a Microshield™ case fitted to a GSM900 handset, by how much was radiation absorption into a phantom human head reduced?
  Please Select One Answer Only
Me & My Cellular Phone
 Please Complete The Following :

  1. I use my cellular phone:

    Please Select
    Mainly for personal calls
    Mainly for business calls
    Equally for work and private calls

  2. I am aged:

    Please Select
    1-10 years old
    11-18 years old
    19-30 years old
    31-45 years old
    45-60 years old
    60+ years old

  3. Cellular Phone Used -- (Make & Model):

  4. The cellular phone I use belongs to:

    Please Select
    Me and my household
    My employer

  5. I use my cellular phone:

    Please Select
    Less than one hour per week
    One to five hours per week
    Five to ten hours per week
    Ten to fifteen hours per week
    Fifteen to Twenty hours per week
    Twenty hours per week +

  6. Have you had any health problems which you think may be related to your use of a cellular phone? Please check the appropriate box(es)

    Please Select
    Eye & Ear Problems
    Tingling/Burning Sensations
    Dizzy Spells

      Please Include Any Other Relevant Details Below

 Please Provide Your Contact Details :
    Full Name:  
    Phone No:  
    Contact E-Mail:  
    Address Line 1:  
    Address Line 2:  
    Postal/Zip Code:  

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